Why every Big, Medium and Small Business Needs to on Local Search Directories?

Remember, when you’re hungry and wanted to grab quick lunch; you recall, sometime back your friend suggested a great new restaurant somewhere in city, but you can’t recollect the name.
So, what you do? You quickly grab your smartphone and Google “The Best Restaurant in My City”.
Several results pop-up, you look at the top link and check those have 4 links have 9+ reviews and the last 6 links have 5+ reviews.

It’s time to decide; which store you are likely to pick first?  For sure, the one with better reviews; and more ever if you both were on Google + you could see which restaurant your friend recommended.
Competition for your services, products and expertise’s are at an all-time high thanks to ever exploding online searching, and in part to the sheer volume of businesses vying for your attention.

You need to scream in high decibel “I am the best – Come to Us”. There is higher chances customers will choose (or not choose) a particular business depending on ranking, stars, reviews or testimonials.

Based on data from the major online search engines:

  • Unique online searches are close to 10 BILLION each month.  Yes – Billion!
  • 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses.

Welcome to the land of Local Search Directory of Business; it’s important for businesses to get themselves listed on leading major local business directories. Business owners also need to control and manage your local presence as much as possible.
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